Foolish Mortals

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An island off the coast of Louisiana

“Ever since I heard of the treasure inside Bellemore Manor I’ve been obsessed by it. People said the house was still haunted by the ghosts of the wedding that disappeared there decades ago, but if the ghosts knew where the treasure was hidden, I just had to ask them.

But there’s more to the treasure than I could have ever expected, and now I’ve awakened a household of spirits who don’t mind that they’re dead, and an evil phantom determined to find the treasure before I do.

Fixing the situation won’t just mean getting to the treasure first, but also figuring out what happened on the island all those years ago. But I have a feeling that in order to do that, I’ll have to die too.”

– The Diary of Murphy McCallan

Step aboard The Spirit Queen

Discover the mysteries of Bellemore Manor…

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