Foolish Mortals

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Do you remember how video games used to come packed with bonus items and ‘feelies’ that delved into the backstory of the world? Or are you a fan of “Escape Room in a Box” style games, filled with documents and ephemera to comb through for clues? Then you’re going to love our BIG BOX, which comes filled to the brim with maps, documents, articles, and more to immerse you in the Foolish Mortals world of mystery, magic, and murder. As well as a retro style manual and (display-only) jewel-case CD, inside the box you’ll find:

The Voodoo Manuscript | Juniper Parish Gazette Newspaper | Merry & Macabre Magazine | Bellemore Manor Blueprints | Abigail Bellemore’s Wedding Schedule | Death Certificate | Captain’s License | Invitation to The Foolish Waltz | Devil’s Rock Pirate Map | Three Tarot Cards

Our additional rewards add in an Artbook, narrativized walkthrough in the form of Murphy’s Diary, metallic pins for The Captains Club and the Bellemore Trading Company, a soundtrack, a Scents Pack from a theme park smells company, and much more. Our add-ons even allow you to appear in the game – whether as a headline in the Juniper Parish Gazette or a fully drawn ghost at the Bellemore Manor waltz.

All these and more are available through our Pre-Order Store.